The rules for Werewolf or Mafia should be free and easy for everyone to learn. We think Vampires are cooler than Werewolves so they're going to be the villains in our game.

Here are the basic rules for Vampire Village, which we think is the best version of the many variants freely available online.


In Vampire Village there are two teams, the Vampires and the Villagers. Only the Vampires know who the other Vampires are. They must keep their identity secret from the Villagers while they slowly kill the Villagers.

The Villagers must use their reasoning and character abilities to find out who the Vampires are, while the Vampires misdirect and create distrust in order to survive.

One team wins when all of the other team have been killed.

Step 1: Set-up

Choose one person to be the Storyteller. They will be responsible for hosting the game and ensuring it runs smoothly for the players.

The Storyteller will distribute one Character Card to each player (this could be a playing card, or name written on a piece of paper).

The players look at their Character Card and keep their identity to themselves. A player must never show another player their Character Card.

Step 2: Night

The Storyteller begins the game by asking everyone to shut their eyes and remain quiet throughout the night. This is a great opportunity for the Storyteller to create a tense atmosphere by telling a compelling story for the players.

The Storyteller then announces the characters each Character in turn to open their eyes and use their ability by pointing at another person to be the target, before closing their eyes again.

The Character order and abilities are as follows:

1 The Vicar opens their eyes and sensing danger, chooses one person who cannot be harmed by the Vampires tonight.

2 The Vampire opens their eyes and chooses one person to be their victim tonight.

3 Van Helsing, the vampire hunter, has heard of trouble in the Village, and chooses one person to investigate. (The player points at a character, the Storyteller gives a thumbs up if they are a Vampire, or thumbs up if they are a Villager.)

Step 3: Day

The Storyteller asks the players to open their eyes. Everyone may now talk, except the person the Vampires chose as their victim, who is now dead (unless they were saved by the Vicar).

The players now discuss to try and find out who the Vampire is, while the real Vampire misdirects and tries to cause confusion among the Villagers.


Throughout Day a player may nominate another player to be killed by announcing “I nominate Alex!” If another player seconds that notion, then the nominated player is given one minute to make their defence.

Once the minute has elapsed, the players must vote. On the count of three, players give a thumbs up, or a thumbs down. If the majority votes thumb up, that player is killed, and Night begins (repeat Step 2).

If there is a tie or majority thumbs down, then the player is not killed and Day resumes.

If there are several unsuccessful nominations, or after a certain amount of time has elapsed, then the Storyteller may begin Night to move the game along. They may choose to allow for one final nomination before beginning Night again.

End of the Game

The game ends when all of the players on one team have been killed. The other team is the winner!

Hopefully there was enough drama, lies and accusations for it to be a game you'll never forget.