Vampire Village is an upgrade to the classic party game known to some as Werewolf or Mafia. If you enjoy these games then you'll love Vampire Village.

It includes new and improved rules, prompt cards to help the host create a nail-biting atmosphere, beautifully designed cards, and a plethora of characters with different abilities which mean that you’ll never play the same game twice.

Vampire Village is a social deduction party game of deception and deviance. It puts Vampires among Humans, making lies, accusations, and outrage commonplace.

Only the most devious will survive!

About Vampire Village

Like Werewolf, but even better


Improved Rules An alternative set of more inclusive rules mean that you can keep playing even if you're the first round's victim.


18 Unique Characters Different abilities amp up the drama and create exciting dynamics that will keep your players guessing.


Unforgettable Stories Over 20 prompt cards to help the host set the scene and create an electrifying atmosphere.


Beautifully Designed Cards Tarot inspired artwork on premium quality cards make the game a delight to look at and play.